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game overview

Craps Dealing Course - Learn how to deal Craps

Game Overview

The Casino College is the Nation's premiere Casino Dealing School - and absolutely the best place to learn how to deal Craps. We offer the most flexible Craps Training schedules around, so you can be assured we can fit into your busy life! Below you'll find a detailed description on our extensive Craps Dealer Course.

Craps Training - 150 Hours

Our comprehensive Craps Dealing Course is designed to train our students in all aspects of dealing Craps. You will learn about the equipment used, the rules and object of the game, check handling and odds. Extensive hands on training is used to ensure you master all aspects of this exciting game.

Craps Course Outline

  • Orientation
  • Check Cutting
  • Prop and Place Bets
  • Buy and Lay Bets
  • Making Change
  • The Field, Pass and Don't Pass Line
  • Come and Don't Come Bets & Off and On
  • Stick Calls
  • Odds
  • Audition Procedure
  • Much more

Typical Craps Training Schedule

At The Casino College there isn't one! You'll train at your convenience up to 7 days a week.

Our Hours of Operation:

  • Monday- Friday from 10am until 10pm
  • Saturday- from 10am until 6pm
  • Sunday - from 11am until 5pm

There is absolutely no schedule we can't work with! Start your Training NOW! Call 1.866.IDEAL.21

( 866.433.2521) for full details.