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game overview

Pai Gow Dealing Course - Learn How to Deal Pai Gow

Game Overview

The Casino College is the Nation's Casino Dealing School - and absolutely the best place to learn how to deal Pai Gow. We offer convenient, flexible training options to fit literally anyone's schedule. Below you'll find a detailed description on our extensive Pai Gow Dealer Course.

Pai Gow Training - 50 Hours +

Our comprehensive Pai Gow Poker Dealing Course will provide the student with a complete training in all necessary aspects of the game from shuffling the cards to the final payoffs. When you are finished with our course you will have a thorough knowledge of California, Nevada and International style Pai Gow Poker and the terminology that goes with it. You will learn the proper procedures on things such as dice cup versus digital read out, manual shuffle versus machine shuffle and collections versus commission.

We will also teach you how to properly interview for a job and helpful audition techniques so you can land a job anywhere from a high end Vegas Casino to a fun cruise ship! Our goal is to produce a highly confident, and capable Pai Gow Poker dealer. Please keep in mind that our course is designed to be completed in 80 hours however we will not charge you a penny for extra time as we are absolutely committed to making sure you are ready and polished for your auditions. Refresher courses and extra time are always at no additional charge to our students.

Pai Gow Course Outline

  • General Procedures
  • Shuffle
  • Dealing - Cut, deal, actions, collection/commission, dice/digital, readout, delivery
  • Payoff Procedures - free collection, dropping collection, handling banker/player/house money, money play
  • Reading Hands - setting hands, setting player's hands, fouled hands
  • Complete order of events per hand, supervisor decisions, table fills, etiquette
  • Hands on dealing lessons
  • Interviewing - Getting the job you want
  • Much more

Typical Pai Gow Training Schedule

At The Casino College there isn't one! You'll train at your convenience up to 7 days a week.

Our Hours of Operation:

  • Monday- Friday from 10am until 10pm
  • Saturday- from 10am until 6pm
  • Sunday - from 11am until 5pm

There is absolutely no schedule we can't work with! Start your Training NOW! Call 1.866.IDEAL.21

( 866.433.2521) for full details.